Friday, October 12, 2012

Media Hits Biden: 'STOP SMIRKING!' 'WEIRD,' 'JERK

  • Biden Lies 

  • Biden Lies about Benghazi -Afghanistan CIA -Intelligence Report 

  • Biden Lies about Obama's medicare cuts

  • Biden  Lies about his Votes on Both "WARS" 
  •  (Despite Public Record)


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 11 Oct 2012 459POST A COMMENT

We're about thirty minutes into the debate and already Vice President Joe Biden is receiving pretty tough reviews for his bizarre smiling and smirking as debate moderator Martha Raddatz talks about issues as serious as Iran getting a nuclear weapon.


These aren't exactly conservative media types, either. .....

CNN's Piers Morgan tweeted:

The Daily Beast's Kirsten Powers also isn't impressed: 

What's funny, Mr. Vice President? It only gets worse... The Washington Post's Erik Wemple: 


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